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Essays are one of the many genres of literature. Such works reflect the personal experiences of the author, his/her opinion, and attitude to a specific problem. Writing an essay contributes to the development of logic, the ability to give arguments, and proving your views. It teaches you to correctly convey information, usually in a conversational style.

Many students, who directly start writing essays, normally are not able to complete it effectively. The same is the case with all types of academic writing. Therefore, it is important to prepare an outline and follow it. An outline works as a guideline and makes your writing integrated, effective, and relevant.

Constructing an Essay Outline

If you are planning to write any scientific work, you should first construct its outline. It helps you to follow a proper structure and be organized in your writing. Moreover, you can write more fluently without many pauses, if you already have an essay outline. If you do not have an outline, you will have to get an essay, assignment, and even masters dissertation help from professionals.

Key Components Of Essay

The outline of the essay consists of three parts.

1- Introduction

It is basically an introduction to the topic. From the introduction, the reader gets his/her first opinion about the text. It can interest or repel, so experimenting with the introduction is not recommended.

In the introduction, indicate the thesis statement its meaning and relevance. You can ask a rhetorical question in the form of reasoning or quote with the desired indication of the author. Convince the reader of the relevance of the question and interest him.

2- Main Part

In the main part, the writer presents the main ideas along with supporting material. A writer tries to explain his/her points by mentioning examples. Therefore, the author tries to convince the writers of his/her point of view.

Then use the existing scientific research to support the arguments. You can use the published articles to strengthen your arguments. If you fail to support your arguments with the help of authentic literature, your essay will lose its worth.

3- Conclusion

Conclude in accordance with the theses. Re-state the main points. The conclusion should logically complete the reasoning and not leave the topic open. Even when you write an assignment or thesis, always conclude your work.

Many students who do not know the structure of scientific writing takes assignment writing help from their instructors or external professionals. So here’s the outline you should follow.


Brief Intro Of The Topic Thesis Statement

Main Body

Supporting Ideas Analysis, Examples


Summarizing Key Points Ending With Thought-Provoking Statement

How To Start Writing An Essay?

A common problem when writing an essay is the choice of the beginning words of the essay. This happens to many students. Due to this, writing gets delayed. It confuses the students and takes up a significant part of the time. In such a situation, getting help from a renowned essay writing service is the only solution they have

To avoid such a problem, use the following tips:

  • First, formulate the idea of ​​the essay, decide on your opinion and find suitable sources of information.
  • Try the following writing technique: think about the topic of the essay, and quickly without observing spelling and punctuation, prepare a draft with abbreviations. This will save you the hassle of looking for words to work with. After that, make sentences according to all the rules.
  • Don’t wait too long for an introduction. You can start writing the main part of the work, or write an essay in full, and choose the introduction based on what you have written.
  • The thesis in the essay can be affirmative and interrogative. The easiest way is to make the introduction interrogative. Ask a question and answer it later.


Basically, the impression of an essay is formed thanks to the introduction and conclusion. Ideally, the introduction should intrigue the reader a little, and the conclusion should give a fairly clear answer to the introduction. So prepare an outline by following the above tips.

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