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If you have only a few weeks left before the submission dissertation and you have not done anything, there is nothing wrong with that. After all, there are those who are generally waiting for the very last moment. A dissertation is a complex type of academic work.

It normally scares the students, and they try not to think about it. Many doctoral students suffer from stress because they worry about not being able to graduate. In addition, according to the study, between one third and half of the doctoral students do not pass the defense stage. 50% of them decide to leave their educational institutions without completing the degree.

The students are absolutely right; it is difficult to write a good dissertation. However, this is not impossible. If you approach this problem correctly, you can quickly write an impressive scientific work without any external dissertation help UK. If deadlines are tight, feel free to sit down to work.

5 Tips For Writing A Solid Dissertation

  • Find The Right Mentor

Find a supervisor to help you write or at least edit it.  Search the internet for up-to-date information and talk to other graduate students about each specific aspect of your dissertation.  By learning from experiences of other students, you can make a good decision about the choice of supervisor.

As for the mentor, it can also be any professor who has expertise in your topic of research. We recommend that you should find a supervisor who can provide detailed and clear feedback. Surround yourself with people who have defended dissertations and ask them to help you avoid common mistakes.

  • Collect Data And Plan A Structure

If you want to quickly write your dissertation, you should prepare for it first. The more time you have to prepare, the less time the writing process will take. You should start by reading several independent studies and then turn them into chapters in your dissertation.

The main thing is to clearly understand what it is about and how its structure will look like. If you don’t know what the structure should look like, there are many dissertation reference services on the Internet. Moreover, many assignment writing services can help you prepare a good structure.

  • Narrow Down Your Topic

You have brilliant complex ideas that you would like to share with the world, but you should not really write a dissertation on it, choose another topic. In any case, you will have a lot of time after graduation. A narrow topic will help you stay focused without having to switch to different types of research and sources.

Some students fear that a narrow topic will prevent them from collecting enough data. However, it all depends on the chosen direction of study. We recommend that you contact other researchers and analyze the sources in your topic. Look for hypotheses and questions that need to be answered. This way, you can narrow down the topic by focusing only on relevant information.

  • Write Something Every Day

Set aside a certain amount of time to devote to writing dissertation. Don’t grab onto everything at once. The content and the wrapping of the thesis depend on the correctly allocated time. Write when you are most productive and eliminate any distractions. Focus on one step, and then gradually move to another. Ask a question, collect data, analyze it, and then write.

Then write down each section of your dissertation. For example, you need to write a 20,000-word dissertation. Write 3000 words every day. Thus, the remaining 17,000 will be ready in six days. See, writing a dissertation in a week is an easy task. You just need to competently manage tasks and time.

  • Get Your Work Reviewed By Other Researchers

Find someone who will prioritize research correctly. It can be good for text or design. In addition, a look from the outside and criticism never hurt. Thanks to it, you will be able to improve your dissertation, before passing it. Moreover, like essay writing UK service, you can also get proofreading services.


So students, you should not worry, writing and defending a dissertation is a difficult task. But it is achievable, like everything else. You just need to stay focused and everything else will work out for you.

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