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Many students write the introduction of a dissertation Wrting before completing the main part. However, it is not the right approach. Write it in the end when you have enough information and data. In this article, you will learn how to write an introduction for a dissertation.

Successful Tips To Write Introduction For Dissertation

1- Read Relevant Literature

Before writing an introduction, it is worth studying the abstracts of research articles that were previously published. Pay attention to what phrases, speech turns are customary to use when formulating the purpose of the study and its results. Observe their writing format and incorporate that in your study.

2- Clearly Explaining The Problem Statement

The introduction of the thesis begins with substantiating the relevance of the problem under study. The choice of the topic should be justified by identifying gaps from existing and recent literature. It is the most critical part of the introduction. You can also get help from a dissertation writing service for a well-written introduction.

3- Mention The Value Of Study

The depth and value of the research topic should be revealed through a brief review of the literature. Present the reader with a systematized list of works that reflect the contribution of scientists to the topic under study and which served as the basis for the current study. Mention the value of your topic.

4- Clarify Your Study’s Goal

A common mistake students make is to substitute multiple private goals for the main goal. It should closely correlate with the research topic and reflects the main problem. Mentioning the study’s goal or motive at the beginning is important. It helps to build the interest of the reader.

5- Achievable Objectives

It is useless to set objectives that are not achievable. To complete your study within the allotted time, set concise and achievable objectives. Without achievable objectives, your study will only be a set of words.

6- Specify Methodological Basis Of The Research

The enumeration of the methods of scientific knowledge used in the implementation of research is an integral part of the introduction. The use of any method in the dissertation should be argued. You may get this section written from assignment writing services if you are writing the dissertation for the first time.

7- Build Strong Basis For Your Framework

An introduction should build a strong basis for the framework of the study. Before building the hypothesis, the writer should provide strong evidence in light of previous literature. By putting forward a scientific assumption, the researcher determines the directions of the study.

8- Maintain Novelty Of Study

The scientific novelty is a sign that confirms the uniqueness of the research carried out. It can be a new technique invented by the applicant or modified in accordance with the purpose of the dissertation. Or it can be a new concept formulated by the author, a new experiment, determination of the genesis of the development of the industry, or identification of new patterns.

9- Write-In Sub-Sections

Divide the introduction into different sections and use different sub-headings for them. Or you can follow a pattern provided by your supervisor. By including sub-headings, it becomes easier to locate the relevant information for the reader. Moreover, it helps to improve the readability of the dissertation.

10- Avoid Repeating Similar Literature

To reach the required limit of words, students often repeat similar literature several times. But remember, it weakens the authenticity of your work. Therefore, be specific when writing. Choose each word carefully.

11- Get Help

If you are not able to complete the work yourself, you can hire an expert. Many students take essay help or even dissertation writing help from professionals available online. This not only saves their time but also ensures good grades.

12- Overview

In the last paragraph, mention how the dissertation has been structured. It is important to provide an overview of each chapter that is going to come next. This makes it convenient for the reader to navigate through the dissertation.


Writing an introduction is the most important part of dissertation writing. If it is not written well then the whole study will lose its worth. The above tips will help you write a good introduction.

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