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Writing a research proposal is a task that most students despise due to the fact that it requires a lot of reading and brainstorming. Without reading authentic material and collecting data from various sources, you can't complete your proposal with quality information. Thus, you will not be able to convince your professor that you are on the right track.

Your proposal proves that the problem that you aim to solve is genuine and worth looking into. You have to choose a viable research method to show that your proposal is valid and doesn't contain bogus information.

However, there are several hurdles that can make it hard for you to proceed further:

  • You have no idea how you can conduct an in-depth research
  • You hate reading books written in tough English because you speak English as a 2nd language
  • You are not confident whether the proposed methodology is viable or not
  • You are unable to analyse the data that you have gathered from a few different places

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