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What happens when you are assigned a research paper and you realise that you are not good at research? You will of course get freaked out and wonder how to complete this task with genuine information. The problem with this assignment is that it requires a lot of research and you can't merely rely on your theoretical knowledge to complete this paper, because it will not be approved.

A good paper contains references from various books, articles and journals. It will be devastating for you if you merely rely on the internet, especially Wikipedia, to collect data. You will get good grades if you collect genuine material from genuine books.

So...Once you go through several books and journals, you have to determine what to include in your own paper. Remember, you just can't copy and paste. You have to get inspiration from what you read. Even if you want to copy a quote, you will have to provide a proper reference in your paper in accordance with the assigned citation style, such as APA, MLA, Harvard, etc.

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