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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you guarantee that your company provides confidential services?

Answer: The confidentiality of our valued customers is of utmost importance to us. So rest assured, not even a single bit of your personal information or any other details pertaining to you will be divulged to any third party. So, come straight to Writing Pearl with a complete peace of mind and avail professional and reliable academic writing assistance with just a single click.

Is it really safe to place my order with WritingPearl.co.uk?

Answer: Absolutely yes! When you send us your personal and credit card details while placing the order all those details are stored behind a 128 bit SSL encrypted server. It is a highly encrypted and completely invulnerable system. So feel completely secured and place your order without even a single bit of worry.

Do you offer premium-quality content and 100% plagiarism free papers?

Answer: Of course, yes! We have highly qualified and experienced writers in our academic staff. When an assignment is completely written, it goes through the Quality Assurance process where our highly experienced editors check the quality level of the paper both manually and digitally. Moreover, the paper is also skimmed through a reliable plagiarism detector to check if there is any plagiarism in the content or not. The report produced from that scan is sent to the clients to assure them that their papers are plagiarism free and top-notch.

Will you be able to meet an urgent deadline?

Answer: We promise our each and every client that that their completed papers will be sent to their inboxes within the deadline they provide, even if the deadline is very urgent. We have the finest academic writers in our highly trusted writing service. Each academic writer is experienced and highly dedicated in offering our valued clients only the finest and timely writing assistance.

Am I allowed to refer Writing Pearl to my friends, peers or family members?

Answer: Yes, absolutely yes! Referring a product or service to your friends or family members is called word of mouth publicity and there is not a single company that wouldn't want to spread its name through it. So yes, we humbly ask you to refer our trusted service to your loved ones so that they may also lessen their stress and avail instant academic or non-academic writing assistance.

Do you offer your clients any discount offers?

Answer: You will be glad to hear that we offer our valued clients numerous discount offers. Our discount offers varies with the number of pages you order. To check our latest discount offers, visit PRICES page.

Do you have any Phone number so that I can drop a line to make further inquiries?

Answer: Of course we offer our valued customers a clear line of communication round the clock so that they can easily get in touch with us for further inquiries. Our contact number is #. Feel free to drop a line at your convenience and get instant assistance.

How do you deliver the completed order to your clients?

Answer: When your given order is completed it is directly sent to your email address that you provide us with through our order form. Rest assured, the paper will be delivered on-time and without any additional cost.

What if that paper you send has mistakes in it? Will you revise it or not?

Answer: Rest assured, our Quality Assurance experts make sure that the completed paper sent to the clients doesn't accommodate any mistakes or errors. However, if you happen to find any sorts of mistakes or if you feel that the paper lacks the given instructions, you can request us for revision of the paper. We will then amend the mistakes and make sure that the content of the paper meets your exact instructions.

How many times can I request for revisions? Is there any cost you charge for it?

Answer: To meet the satisfaction level of our clients, we offer them unlimited revisions. Feel free to request for revisions at anytime you want. Of course, we don't charge even a dime for providing revisions to our clients.

Is it cheating to ask for a professional assistance? If no, what do you call it then?

  • Fail to come up with interesting topics for the paper.
  • Fail to locate pertinent sources.
  • Feel that you will not be able to meet the deadline because you procrastinated till the last minute to start your paper.

With all these problems, do you really think a student can tackle a paper efficiently and complete it in a timely manner? No, we don't think so. The only thing that can help you get out of this terrible mess is a trusted writing service. You can avail high quality papers from us, use it as a sample and write your own assignment with ease and comfort. However, we recommend our clients that they must refrain from using our papers as it is.

Is there any cancellation policy which I must adhere to?

Answer: Of course there is, we appreciate it if you adhere to our cancellation policy before making a purchase from us. Visit CANCELLATION POLICY page for further details.

Do you have any refund policy?

Answer: We recommend our clients to review the refund policy thoroughly before requesting a refund. For further details visit REFUND POLICY.

What services are you currently offering to your clients?

Answer: The academic staff of Writing Pearl is highly experienced and qualified in tackling different sorts of academic and non-academic papers. Our experts are highly efficient in writing essays, dissertations, literature review, lab report, C.V/ resumes, assignments, coursework, speech writings and personal statements. We are also delighted to inform our clients that our services include outlining, topic selection, research, analysis, planning, proofreading, editing and revising.

What payment modes do you currently accept?

Answer: For your ease Writing Pearl accepts all major credit cards such as Visa, American Express, Master card, etc. For further convenience we also accept payment through wire transfer systems such as PayPal, Western Union, etc.

How many client you have helped to date?

Answer: Ever since we made our name in the academic writing industry, we are proud to say that we have helped over thousands of clients. However, we never keep the track of the number of clients who we have assisted over the years. It is because we don't believe in promoting our service through tracking the total number of clients but we believe in promoting our company by offering premium quality and genuine papers.

Does Writing Valley have any facebook page?

Answer: Yes, we do have a facebook page. We are aware that facebook is a part of new media marketing where people show their interest in a product or service by liking or disliking it. It would be very beneficial for our company that clients show their interest in our services by LIKING our Fan Page. To redirect to our facebook page CLICK HERE.

What is your order procedure? How do I place my order?

Answer: Our order procedure is quite simple. You submit the order to us by filling out our ORDER form, make payment, give additional instructions to the writer and finally get your completed paper in a timely manner. Furthermore, filling out our order form is also quite simple. State your name, email and phone number. Select the quality standard, academic level of the paper, type of paper or assignment and number of pages. For further inquiry feel free to contact our 24/7 Online Support.

Do you use any software?

Answer: First, let us make one thing very clear that we don't use any type of software for writing your concerned assignment or paper. However, we certainly do use anti-plagiarism software to detect plagiarism. We ensure that the paper is 100% non-plagiarised before it is sent to the respective client.

What type of format will you use to write my paper?

Answer: We make sure that each and every paper written by us must adhere strictly to the instructions given by the clients. Our highly efficient and experienced writers are well-versed in writing your paper in any type of format you want such as MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, Oxford, etc.

Does Writing Pearl offer newsletters?

Answer: Of course Writing Pearl does offer its clients weekly or monthly newsletters. However, you will only be able to receive our newsletters, if you are a valid subscriber. CLICK HERE to subscribe to our newsletters.